Am I Buying Pure CBD Oil?

With the popularity of CBD oils sweeping the nation, and the wellness advantages derived from their use, it may become difficult to differentiate between pure CBD oil and imitation varieties as both online stores and brick and mortar shops increase in numbers.  

Generally speaking, there are three types of CBD oil:

  • Raw CBD Oil
  • Filtered CBD Oil
  • Decarboxylated CBD Oil

To keep our fellow CBD oil enthusiasts well-informed, we have tips on how to identify the different types of CBD oil varieties, so users can discover the best approach to using their favorite CBD products. 

Raw CBD Oil

Raw CBD oil ranges from dark green to almost black in appearance. No further purification process is implemented once it has been extracted from the raw hemp material.

This unprocessed CBD oil contains terpenes and chlorophyll, along with other parts of the plant, delivering an unrefined and potent benefit to users.

Filtered CBD Oil

Filtered CBD oil is a commonly manufactured form that is light gold color in appearance.  

This processed CBD oil undergoes both a decarboxylation and filtering method, which removes plant portions that were left over from the initial extraction process.

Filtered CBD oil is high-grade, and welcomed by users for its purity.

Decarboxylated CBD Oil

Decarboxylated CBD oil looks similar to raw CBD oil, and is dark green or black in appearance.  

In the raw plant material, the acidic molecules from both CBD and THC exist. The chemical process of decarboxylation removes the acid, possibly improving its bioavailability.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oils Vs. CBD Isolates

CBD oil containing the full cannabis spectrum is extracted from the entire hemp plant — including the seeds, stems, and stalks — delivering a full range of natural cannabinoids and compounds, including terpenes and flavonoids. Once it

CBD Isolates are derived from the stock of the hemp plant only, so there are no fatty acids, terpenes, or other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant’s Trichomes.

Determining which of the two types of these CBD oils is right for you is dictated purely by preference.

Make Informed CBD Oil Purchases

While it is true that you can purchase CBD oils and other products from local retailers and online outlets alike, it is important that you research and buy products from a trusted source whose products deliver the full range of wellness benefits CBD users deserve.

At Bhang, our commitment to our customers is displayed throughout our website with easy access to our products’ ingredients, and our extensive line of CBD offerings that allow our users to get the most from their CBD shopping experience.