Am I The Ideal CBD Customer?

The popularity of CBD oil products is emerging as more than a trend, but a trusted approach to seeking alternative wellness options without the use of chemicals. New research reports that more than a quarter of consumers in the United States are using some form of CBD hemp oil to obtain positive lifestyle results. As the industry continues to grow, we focus on our clients’ pursuit of replacement therapies that enhance their wellbeing by providing pure CBD oil options that celebrate a natural approach to holistic maintenance.

Determining whether you are the ideal CBD customer is a personal choice, driven by a focus on wellness. Depending on your unique needs, CBD benefits can be obtained through several options that suit the end user’s preferences including easy to ingest options like chocolates, gummies, capsules, and CBD isolates.

Discovering which application is best for you begins examining your current lifestyle choices, and how our CBD oil options complement your existing nutritional routine.

Who Can Use CBD Oil?

Anyone of legal age can use CBD oil as part of their general wellness program. Legal users can obtain our products easily through our online store, where they are available in both single purchase options, and in some varieties, subscription services, so you never have to worry about depleting your supply.

Who Is Using CBD Oil Products The Most?

CBD oil benefits are wide-ranging, allowing numerous demographics to take advantage of the plentiful options that are available online, so they can gain access to their preferences as easily as they would any other product or service they are accustomed to ordering online.

While we believe our CBD oil products’ wellness benefits are designed for anyone who seeks alternative lifestyle options, research suggests that the most common users of CBD hemp oil products include:

  •  56% Millennials
  • 48% Men; Nearly half of whom are college-educated with bachelor’s degrees
  • 28% Women; More than a third of whom represent Generation X, and 15% of whom are Baby Boomers

How Often Are Americans Using CBD Oil?

At Bhang, we believe the beauty of CBD oil is that users can decide exactly when, how often, and for what purpose they use our products for their wellness needs. Your personal approach to CBD hemp oil use is what makes its application uniquely successful.

With that said, research suggests that 28% of consumers polled use CBD oil products:

  • 19% as needed
  • 9% daily

Why Are So Many Americans Using CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD hemp oil has become a popular remedy for a range of wellness needs because of its naturally occurring and non-intoxicating compounds. CBD oil users enjoy the benefits of our self-care products while avoiding chemicals — no matter their age group.

Discovering the best CBD oil products for your unique wellness needs begins with examining your preferences, and the products that meet your lifestyle. Our selection of CBD oil products are accompanied by clear and easy to read Certificates of Analysis that outline our pure and simple ingredients, so you always know exactly what you are gaining from their use.