CBD For Wellness Is More Than A Trend: It’s A Lifestyle

The global wellness market has grown nearly 13% in just the last two years, transforming the industry into an over $4 trillion behemoth. The wellness industry includes countless products and services that allow consumers to personalize their self-care routines — including CBD products.

Sales of CBD products are predicted to rise over the next three years, reaching $22 billion during the 36-months alone. And all for good reason. While some see CBD wellness as a trend, at Bhang, we describe the incorporation of our products into self-care regimens as a lifestyle.

The use of CBD products is a choice to control the steps we take to reduce the personal pressures life throws our way, allowing us to understand exactly how our bodies react to the wellness decisions we make. And with so many varieties, personalizing self-care with CBD products has never been easier.

What Types of CBD Products Are Available To Help Achieve Personal Wellness?

As more of us are searching for new ways to achieve personal wellness, CBD oil products are delivering solutions through numerous products that fit our unique lifestyles.

As the terms self-care and wellness become synonymous, CBD benefits join the conversation, delivering unique ingestion opportunities that fit the full spectrum of easy to purchase products for those seeking CBD oil benefits.

Our ever-expanding CBD product line includes something for everyone, including:

No matter how you choose to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil, there is an all-natural way to get the wellness boost you deserve — without sacrificing your personal preference.

Can I Use CBD Oil Topically To Enhance My Skin & Hair Self-Care Routine?

Our CBD oil products are all-natural, free from preservatives and additives, and delivered in the most simple and pure form, which means they are perfect for topical use.

Our popular CBD-infused Hempsticks provide dry and chapped lip relief with 50mg of hemp CBD added to each stick. The natural infusion glides on effortlessly and is available in a variety of great-tasting flavors that accentuate any current beauty routine.

Made with an incredible blend of hemp seed, natural oils, cocoa and shea butters, our CBD hempsticks protect the lips throughout the day without interrupting other existing makeup choices.  

Enhance Your Wellness Routine From The Inside Out

While trends come and go, personal wellness is emerging as a lifestyle, and our CBD products are designed to be used as you see fit. CBD wellness is achieved by discovering its unique applications, and how it works best with your personal chemistry.

Whether you prefer ingesting delicious gummies as needed, or a dose of daily CBD tincture in your morning smoothie, we support a host of uses that will allow you to customize your wellness journey today and going forward.

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