Congress Is Putting Pressure On The FDA To Expedite CBD Rules, Laws & Policies

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, gained notoriety in the CBD advocacy community as the politician most responsible for legalizing hemp. Now, Senator McConnell is trying to use a legislative finance plan to expedite federal rules on the inclusion of hemp extracts in food and beverages.

The newly introduced language that would require the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to issue an enforcement and discretion policies on the sale of hemp-derived CBD products to include appropriate regulatory activities is making its way to the Senate floor.

The language would require the Federal Drug Administration to provide Congress with a report outlining more timely processes for which CBD meets the definition of hemp.

Additional efforts to develop a hemp-derived CBD product enforcement discretion policy, meeting a 90 to 120 window, are also in play while the federal government creates permanent policies surrounding CBD oil products in food and beverages.

Likewise, the proposal includes outlined policies for CBD manufacturers to share safety data through the already developed FDA procedures to comply with federal law and policy.

What Is The FDA’s Current Stance on CBD Products?

The FDA’s current stance on CBD products is that it is illegal for CBD to be recognized as an ingredient for food, beverages, or dietary supplements.

This creates a significant challenge facing businesses like ours, who supply all-natural CBD products to the masses to improve their wellness and self-care routines.

In many CBD product users’ opinions, the current laws — while allowing CBD use freely through products — are stifling the complete wellness potential consumers could explore through naturally infused products that can be purchased on the go.

What Are The Next Steps For The Government’s CBD Product Review?  

The U.S. Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture is set to review Senator McConnell’s report, and the full Senate Appropriations Committee plans to review the language before sending it to the Senate floor.

Can I Legally Purchase CBD Oil Products For Consumption Now?

Yes. Currently, CBD wellness products are available through our online shop and can be purchased in multiple varieties, potencies, and flavors to meet your customized wellness needs.

Our ever-expanding line of CBD products are currently available in:

What Can We Do While We Wait For Congress & The FDA To Evolve With Consumer CBD Product Needs?

Like most things that require legal approval, government committees and the Federal Drug Administration may take time to conclude the proper approaches and studies necessary to expand CBD oil products directly into food, drinks, and labeled dietary supplements.

In the meantime, purchasing CBD oil products online and through our shop is completely legal for adults, and the products can be used to satisfy the wellness needs of individuals who prefer an all-natural alternative to self-care.

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