Do I Need A Prescription To Purchase CBD Oil Products?

One of the many CBD oil benefits is that users do not need a prescription to buy CBD oil products. In fact, you do not even have to visit a doctor or specialist to pursue the wellness properties associated with CBD products, which puts you directly in control of its use.  

At Bhang, we understand that even though CBD oil products do not require a prescription, you may still have questions about what types of CBD products are available and which ones of the many on the market are best for you and your wellness routine. Let’s talk about it!

What Are The Different Ways To Ingest CBD Oil Products?

CBD benefits can be acquired in many ways, and with easy access to multiple products, your personal preference will drive your decision to choose exactly which variety works best for you.

Our variety of CBD oil products include:

Oral ingestion of CBD oil is typically the most common way in which it is used, as it can be ingested quickly through smoothies, sports drinks, and all types of foods.

Do All CBD Oil Companies Sell The Same Products?

The short answer is no. There are seemingly endless types of CBD oil products, potencies, and purity levels, which makes choosing the right company and products an important part of your wellness routine.

That’s why our commitment to CBD purity and transparency is the driving factor behind our organization’s full line of products.

Not only are all of our products manufactured using the highest standards of purity, but we also provide full content disclosure by providing our customers with each Certificate of Analysis for every individual product offered directly through our website.

Which CBD Oil Product Is Right For Me?

CBD oil products are a great addition to any wellness plan because the variety of products are designed for different tastes and ingestion preferences.

Some things to consider when choosing a CBD oil product can include:

  • CBD Product Potency: Each of our CBD oil products clearly lists the milligram dosage of CBD contained per serving, so you can create a wellness plan that works best for your needs. New users often start with lower dosages until they learn how the CBD effects their personal chemistry.
  • Price & Frequency of Use: While we understand that price is important — as budgets are driving factors when making purchases for all of us — we recommend that your CBD oil research and decision-making factors rest solely on choosing high-quality products like ours. Paying less for an inferior — or worse, counterfeit — product is a waste of your hard-earned money, and the lack of potential wellness benefits of fake products can sour your opinion on the true benefits of pure CBD oil. Consider how often you plan to use CBD oil products, and which types will be more conducive to your wellness schedule.

Choosing the best CBD products for your unique needs is a personal decision. If you have questions about your wellness routine, and how our CBD oil fits into your strategy, contact us directly to learn more.