How To Bake Tasty Wellness Treats With CBD Oil Products

Baking tasty treats that incorporate the wellness benefits of CBD oil products are quick, easy, and delicious. And just like our extensive line of CBD products, baking with CBD oil adds variety to your wellness routine — even when it revolves around dessert!

Perfect for all your favorite sweet treat staples, including cakes, muffins, brownies, and cookies, made naturally in your very own kitchen allowing your baked goods to include the benefits of cannabidiol without leaving home.

Here’s what you need to know about baking with CBD oil products, so you can get the most out of your two favorite things: Dessert and wellness.

How Can I Get CBD Oil Benefits Into Baked Goods?

To bake with CBD oil, it must be extracted into a fat. CBD Tinctures contain additional cannabinoids, aside from CBD, including carrier oils or terpenes, which mix nicely into baked good mixes. Consider the flavors our CBD tinctures are available in, including Watermelon Cucumber Mint and Strawberry Lemonade, and match each to your favorite recipe.

Tinctures can be easily added to recipes, thanks to the droplet application. The dosage you use depends on your current dosage per serving preference, which you can then multiply by the number of muffins or cupcakes yielded by your mix.

If you prefer to take your baking one step further, infuse your favorite CBD Isolate into the preferred oil or butter product that you plan to mix into the recipe. CBD isolates are flavorless, so your recipe’s taste and texture will not be altered with its use. The result leaves cookies, brownies, and cakes tasting exactly as they always have, with the added wellness benefits of CBD oil.

Follow your existing  homemade or store-bought baked goods recipe just as you always have, or as the direction read on the package, adjusting the baking temperature to no greater than 340 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures the wellness benefits of the terpenes remain and are not burned off by the heat, keeping the CBD potency in place.

No-Bake CBD Product Sweet Treat Alternatives

If you love chocolate treats but are not interested in spending time in the kitchen, we offer a simple alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth, with all-natural CBD chocolates. Available in differing CBD potencies, our chocolate bars provide an easy to ingest CBD option in perfectly perforated squares that can be eaten daily, weekly, or as needed.

If you aren’t a chocolate lover, you can gain wellness benefits from our CBD products with our all-natural chewing gum and delicious watermelon or cherry gummies, instead.

CBD Edible Products Provide Wellness Benefits Without Worry

We pride ourselves on offering hemp-derived wellness for the masses, adjusting our ever-expanding products to meet the personal preferences of self-care enthusiasts everywhere.

Our products are all-natural and completely free of preservatives and additives, so users can incorporate them into their wellness routines without worry, and as they see fit.

Search our exciting variety of CBD oil products today, and design a customized wellness approach that is as unique as you.