Sustainability And Natural Wellness Coexist With Hemp & CBD Oils

Hemp is a renewable resource that can be used to produce hemp oil, CBD oil, and countless products used throughout our day-to-day lives. The plant’s chemical make-up, wellness value, and environmentally friendly properties allow it to provide CBD benefits to the masses, in the form of popular products like CBD Beet Shots, CBD capsules, CBD chocolates, CBD gum, CBD gummies, CBD Isolates, CBD pre-roll straights, and CBD tinctures, to name a few.

The natural, sustainable, and versatile use of hemp plants provide wellness benefits for us all, in a myriad of organic ways, including CBD oil products.

What Types of Pesticides Are Used On Hemp Plants?

While it is true that not all hemp production is without pesticides — as we certainly do not want to lump every organization that produces CBD oil from hemp in the same, natural light without absolute proof — there are currently no EPA registered pesticides or herbicides for hemp.

Unlike most crops that require pesticides to survive and remain healthy, hemp is very different and has fewer pests than most crops.

What’s more, is the Cannabinoids, which are the natural compounds that grow organically in hemp, possess insecticidal properties, which reportedly fends off insects and hinders the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Industrial hemp, which can be used for everything from the fiber in clothing to pure CBD oil — like our products — contain either no THC or less than 0.3% Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Since hemp oil products are consumed orally, applied topically, or are absorbed through the mucous membranes, any pesticide residue present could also be ingested, which is why it is so important that our CBD oil products are all-natural and safe to use.

How Do I Know What Is Inside Bhang CBD Oil Products?

At Bhang, we pride ourselves on producing top-quality, pure CBD oil products for everyone, no matter which variety they prefer.

We must ensure that each of our CBD products benefits the wellness of those who choose us over the other providers in our industry.

We set ourselves apart by listing the Certificate of Analysis for each of our products directly on our website, so there is never any confusion about their contents.

Our products are all-natural and contain zero additives or preservatives. Instead, we focus on maintaining the organic quality of the cannabinoids, essential oils, and terpenes from the original plant that provide the CBD benefits our wellness seekers deserve.

No matter your personal preference for CBD products, the strength, quality, consistency, and efficacy of our entire Bhang line. We are dedicated to providing flavorful products for those who choose gummies over capsules as a preferred (and tasty!) way to ingest their CBD benefits, and those who desire versatile ways to incorporate CBD oil into their food and drinks naturally.

At Bhang, we have CBD solutions for every lifestyle. To stay up to date with our most recent CBD oil products and our exciting new arrivals, sign up for our newsletter. If you have questions about our CBD oil wellness strategies, reach out to us directly to learn more about our products.