The Expanding Use of CBD Oil Products In Sports

At the start of 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances for athletes who are both in or out of competition.

Following suit, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency did the same, removing CBD from their prohibited list.

However, both organizations make it clear that only CBD has been removed from their prohibited lists of products. Synthetic cannabinoids, and the psychoactive component of marijuana, THC, is still prohibited in competition.

With the relaxed rules, more and more athletes — both novice and professional — ranging from yoga enthusiasts, runners, or weightlifters, are experiencing CBD oil benefits as part of their ongoing wellness programs. And we are happy to provide exceptional varieties of CBD oil products for their unique lifestyle needs.

How Do Athletes Use CBD Oil Products?

Just like the rest of us, CBD benefits are unique to each athlete’s wellness needs.

At Bhang, we provide CBD products to fit different personal preferences, dosages, and styles, including:

Depending on your desired ingestion style, CBD products can be infused with sports drinks, recovery drinks, and innumerable food options that fit an athlete’s healthy lifestyle. CBD oil products are versatile and natural, providing an easy to use wellness option for casual gym-goers and serious trainers alike.

Should Athletes Use Full Spectrum CBD or CBD Isolates?

CBD isolates only contain CBD, which provides the full CBD benefits for athletes to submit to zero-tolerance drug testing with worry, as they contain no fatty acids, terpenes, or other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant’s Trichomes.

CBD oil containing the full cannabis spectrum is extracted from the entire hemp plant. That means the CBD oil could contain small traces of THC. Each of our products contain either zero THC or less than .3% of THC.

All full-spectrum CBD users should know that these products use all parts of the hemp plant, including the seeds, stems, and stalks, which delivers a full range of natural cannabinoids and compounds, including terpenes and flavonoids.

When Are Athletes Using CBD Oil Products?

CBD is not considered a performance enhancer, which is why it has been removed from the prohibited substance list by both the WADA and USADA.

Athletes can use CBD oil products in any way it suits their pre- or post-workout routines. Since CBD benefits include being natural supplements, its intake supports wellness routines for sports-enthusiasts of all types, including everyone from weekend hikers to everyday joggers.

We believe everyone who pursues CBD oil benefits should have access to their preferred CBD products’ ingredients, so they know exactly what they are putting into their body, including the Certificates of Analysis for each of our CBD wellness offerings. We focus on flavor, which is reflected in our award-winning products, and clean and simple ingredients, which is reflected in the complete online transparency of our products’ contents. Try our products today to jumpstart your wellness strategy going forward.