What Is The Best Way To Ingest CBD Oil?

As with any supplemental wellness regimen, like exercise or eating habits, how you practice or consume the particulars is a personal decision, which is what makes them effective.

If you do not like to run, designing an exercise plan around a treadmill will not produce results. If you do not like kale, creating salads with the green as a base will go to waste. A CBD oil wellness plan is no different and begins with outlining your ingestion preferences, so you can curate your experience to cohesively integrate with your existing routine.

At Bhang, we have a variety of CBD product options for your new, existing, or modified CBD wellness plan. 

What Are The Different Types of CBD Oil Product Options?

Targeted wellness begins with providing CBD solutions that are designed around the user’s unique preferences. Whether you prefer pure oils, capsules, gum, chocolates, tinctures, beet shots, or CBD isolates, we have premium CBD products that are sustainably sourced and curated for different tastes.

CBD Oils In A Capsule

If you are already a fan of vitamin and nutritional supplements, an oral CBD oil capsule will fit easily into your existing daily pill regimen.

With Bhang, you can choose from 750mg or 1500mg CBD oil capsules that are blended with organic cocoa butter and kosher gelatin to maximize absorption.

Naturally Sweetened CBD Chewing Gum 

Our CBD chewable gum is made from CBD-rich hemp oil that is blended with a spearmint flavor. With zero calories and natural sweeteners, our CBD gum can replace your current chewing habit with the added wellness benefit of 25mg of CBD per piece.

Care For A Tasty CBD Chocolate Alternative?

Available in both dark and milk chocolate, our CBD chocolate bars feature high-quality full-spectrum blended hemp oil for a relaxing, effective experience. Choose between 125mg CBD bars with 12mg per tasty segment or 250 mg CBD bars with 25mg per delicious square.

Quick-Acting, Deliciously Flavored CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are liquid solutions that can be ingested directly under the tongue, or added to food, drinks, or smoothies to invite a host of wellness benefits into the body quickly and effectively.

CBD tinctures contain other components besides CBD oil, including carrier oils or terpenes to maximize their potency.

We provide a variety of flavors, including strawberry lemonade and watermelon cucumber mint, which allows our customers to liven up their CBD consumption with tasty alternatives.

Un-Beet-Able Wellness Shots!

Wellness Beet Shots are reshaping the way CBD oil and the natural energy boost that beets deliver combine to create an easy to consume, power-packed potion complete with 25mg of CBD per two fluid ounce shot.

Want To Mix It Up? Our 98+ Percent Pure CBD Isolate Delivers Variety

CBD Isolates can be consumed by placing the crystalline powder directly under the tongue while it absorbs into the system. It can also be added to foods and drinks for a potent and clean approach to ingesting CBD that is non-GMO and pesticide free.

Our CBD Crystalline Isolate is the winner of multiple best CBD product awards and is available in a 500mg conveniently small, clear, screw-top jar.

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