What Is The Difference Between CBD Oil & Hemp Oil?

Consumers are taking direct action in self-care regimens that enhance their lifestyles, including integrating CBD oil products into their wellness routines.

With all the recognition CBD oil is getting, the online, print, and verbal marketing campaigns that tout its benefits can lead to hemp oil and CBD oil becoming interchangeable, causing confusion regarding which products to use, and exactly how to use them.

CBD oil and hemp oil are unique products; extracted in separate processes and used for different purposes. The more consumers know about each product, the easier they can incorporate their benefits into their wellness plans, and we are here to help clear up any confusion, so everyone is getting the most from their all-natural uses.  

CBD Oil & Hemp Oil Come From Different Parts of The Cannabis Plant

The first major difference is that Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, and hemp oil comes from different parts of the cannabis plant.

CBD oil uses the whole plant, including its stalks and flowers, while hemp oil comes from its seeds, which has led to it commonly being referred to as hemp seed oil.

During the CBD extraction process, the useful parts of the hemp plant are typically pelletized before the CBD and other vital nutrients are pulled out using a solvent or gas. The result is an oil with a high CBD content.

Hemp oil is made only from hemp seeds. The hemp seeds are de-shelled, chilled, and squeezed for their content through a process called cold pressing. The end product is an unrefined, green-colored substance.  

What Are The Main Ingredients In CBD Oil & Hemp Oil?

The main active ingredient in CBD oil is CBD, which provides holistic benefits that can be customized by wellness seekers in countless ways.  

At Bhang, we provide Certificates of Analysis for each of our CBD oil products, providing full transparency and easy to read content descriptions.

Hemp oil, also called hemp seed oil, does not contain CBD or other any cannabinoids. That does not mean that hemp oil is without its benefits, as it is comprised of a rich blend of nutrients. Users enjoy a high concentration of vitamin E, protein, and polyunsaturated acids found in the end product.

What Are The Different Uses For CBD Oil & Hemp Oil?

CBD oil products are used for self-care and wellness and are used alone or infused into specialty products that provide an easy way to achieve CBD benefits at home or on the go.

Our CBD oil products include:

Hemp oil is mainly used in food, thanks to its rich nutrients and fatty acid content, and skin and hair care products including shampoo, lotions, and soaps. Hemp oil can also appear in plastics and lubricants as a substitute for petroleum-based oil.

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