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Push Button Battery Kit


When paired with Bhang’s dual-heating coil cartridges, the push-button battery sets the standard for vaping experiences. The adjustable settings on the push-button battery enable users to create a custom experience on-demand. Each battery comes with a compatible USB charger and sturdy case that fits the battery, the charger, and a cartridge.


Bhang batteries come with a specially-designed USB charger. Other USB chargers are not compatible. For optimal experience and enhanced battery life, make sure to always use the Bhang charger that came with the battery and follow provided care instructions.


Battery Instructions:


Always charge your vape pen battery on a wall socket as opposed to a USB port on your computer. Most laptop USB ports do not have enough power to fully charge a Bhang battery. Bhang batteries are some of the most powerful on the market. Our cartridges have proprietary coil technology that demands a powerful battery. For the best vape experience, always use a Bhang battery with your cartridge.



Made from US-Grown Hemp.


1 HOUR CHARGE TIME For optimal use.


Weight: .2 lbs

Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 1 in

Push Button Battery Kit

Push Button Battery Kit